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DON'T THINK I'VE EVER DIVULGED this about myself, but I am a grand geste kind of gal, the sweeping gesture that is full of significance and magnanimity, whatever the occasion. So, when I was called upon to babysit my granddaughter (5 months old) so that her father could go on a surprise all-day-into-the-evening canoe float down the river at our farm, I jumped at the chance. This would be the greatest gift I could give. This also meant that I did not have to canoe down the river (my experiences in that area have been somewhat less than stellar, and we'll leave it at that). In anticipation of the little cherub's visit, Grandpa and I stocked up on anything baby-wise that we might possibly need, including a Pack 'n Play, a high chair, a case of diapers, a stroller, a car seat, and some pacifiers for good measure. I knew that I had work to do that afternoon, but I also knew that babies sleep a lot (I remembered this from 30-plus years ago). What I didn't remember is that babies who miss their mothers and are in unfamiliar territory not only don't sleep a lot, but in this case don't sleep at all. They're also not always taken with their grandmother's winsome charms. The minute Mommie left, the cherub set about caterwauling. I thought to myself, "What have I gotten myself into?" We walked all through the house, upstairs and downstairs, showing her everything: her reflection in the mirror, the cats, the dogs, the toys, and the TV. I even played "Jesus Loves Me" on the piano and sang—you name it. Caterwauling continued until I took her outside and she quieted immediately. I could hear the birds sing and the water feature gurgle. It was heaven. Almost. It was, after all, Alabama in July and 96 degrees in the shade. However, the heat was preferable to the previous wall of I 86 | S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 8 NOT SO PRIM ROSE Illustration by CLAIRE CORMANY sound. So I put my little cherub in her stroller and proceeded to stroll up and down our lane until she fell asleep. Success! I took her inside so I could get to work. Not so fast. The minute she was in the cool darkness of the house, something in her little psyche recoiled. So much for finishing writing my story and answering emails and phone calls. Back to the lane we went, up and down maybe 30 more times, until I was sure she was out this time. Then back in the house and upstairs to the Pack 'n Play, but nope, she'd have none of it and woke up the minute I put her down. I picked her up and lay on the bed with her against my chest, and she fell right back to sleep. Now, if I could just extricate myself from her little body without waking her and gather my laptop, I'd be in business. Success! for 5 minutes; then she woke up, and down my laptop went. I changed, fed, and burped her and went right back outside. That was the protocol for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, when I received the call from Grandpa saying the party was on its way home. "How's everything going, Grandma?" he asked. "It's been fine, honey. I am in love with this little nature girl. She's just as sweet as she can be." All true, but what I didn't share is that I had not sat down for more than one five-minute span the entire day. Now, I'm agile for a granny, but holding a baby, a laptop, and my cell phone at the same time just isn't in my wheelhouse. When the troops arrived home, I handed off my charge, kissed and hugged everyone good-bye, and retired to my study to get to work. When Grandpa ambled in later and found me fast asleep in my armchair, he woke me up and proceeded to regale me with harrowing tales of the river ride. "Aren't you glad you stayed here and had a nice relaxing day?" Hmmm. babystanding Rose Bush, our irreverent editor, does not take it lying down in

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