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MAR-APR 2019

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ABOVE: A wicker basket, a copper pot, and a bamboo curtain rod come together to create an unabashedly charming room. There's nothing saccharine here, just a mix of patterns, colors, and details that deliver joy with their unexpected whimsy and creativity. A bench with a seat cushion and throw pillows makes for a relaxed breakfast or lunch. LEFT: Details such as the light-green curtain trim and the abundance of nailheads on the headboard draw you into this room. 16 | M A R C H /A P R I L 2 0 1 9 IN BLOOM I meet Most designers write books with gorgeous images of interiors and leave it at that. I loved how inviting and unpretentious your book is, how you mix the beautiful pictures with practical advice like the ideal depth of a seat cushion. After many years practicing my trade, I've realized there's a blueprint for great projects and there are certain rules that really don't bend. Once you know what those working blueprints are, you can expand on them. I wanted to make sure, for instance, that people understood that 16 inches is a magic number for the distance between a chair and a coffee table. This book is geared toward anyone who enjoys the challenges and triumphs of design and needs some education. After all, we are all better when we've had the pleasure of being educated. So you won't mind if you see a copy studded with Post-it Notes and dog-eared pages? What I didn't want this book to be was some massive book gathering dust on the coffee table with a potted orchid resting on top. That's an author's biggest fear—to be a plant stand. I wanted this to be a traveling book, a nightstand book. I'm convinced in decorating it's more expensive to get it wrong than to get it right, so you might as well go in armed with information. I really appreciate your attention to detail, how you anticipate the way small things—the placement of a side table, the way a lamp PHOTO (ABOVE) BY CHICHI UBIÑA. LEFT: COURTESY OF HENREDON

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