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HEN IT COMES TO CATCHING a cold, I have a tell. My throat gets scratchy, then sure as night follows day, the next morning, I have a full-blown head cold, which quickly degenerates into respiratory ick. So when I recently boarded a plane to New England for photo shoots and an event sponsorship and felt that familiar tickle, my heart sank. As you can imagine, photo shoots and event sponsorships are not things to be postponed or canceled, so my mantra during the odyssey was basically "tough it out." After all, I was not climbing K2 or doing construction work, but as it turned out, it wasn't a cakewalk either. Driving a rental car from LaGuardia airport to northwest- ern Connecticut is challenging even on a good day. But driving when under the weather, in bad weather, and in even worse traffic was turning my sunny outlook into peevish frustration mixed with a little low-grade anxiety. Notwithstanding, I finally arrived at my usual inn and was greeted by the folksy and solicitous attendant, who informed me that the power had been out for a while and, though back W 86 | J U LY/A U G U S T 2 0 1 8 NOT SO PRIM ROSE Illustration by CLAIRE CORMANY on, was still flickering, and the prognosis wasn't great. Perfect. Apparently, what had been bad weather in the city and en route to the country was fast becoming a spring tornadic event with a prediction of hail and straight-line winds. Perfect. The photo shoots were primarily interiors-focused, so weather was not so much a factor; however, the event we were sponsoring was not only garden-themed but held in a garden—cringe. But you know garden folks, they're die-hard and well equipped, what with their Hunter boots, Barbour jackets, and the like, so there was a great turnout—hundreds I'd say—a wonderful crowd to sample magazines! Or not. Apparently, the storm "stayed the courier from the swift completion of his/her rounds," and our boxes of magazines never arrived. Three wonderful, helpful young volunteers offered to go pick them up and bring them to the venue, and I was just starting to have a glimmer of hope when I received a text that the magazines were locked in a warehouse that was closed on Saturdays. Perfect. With my malady in full flower, cold wind and rain blowing through the venue, and nothing on our display table but a burlap cloth and a potted azalea, I laughed and said to the team, "Let's go tour the show, catch some book signings, and do some serious people watching and social media posting." Though disappointed, I ended up having the rare experi- ence of actually attending a fabulous happening, rather than selling, speaking, and working at one. However, in the future I will be shipping magazines directly to my usual and familiar inn, many days in advance. They said they'd be happy to store 'em for me. Perfect. perfect storm Rose Bush, our irreverent editor, finds herself in the

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